Keith Richards And Rod Stewart To Serve As Ron Wood's Best Men
Tuesday, November 6, 2012
Keith Richards And Rod Stewart To Serve As Ron Wood's Best Men
Ron Wood has asked both Rod Stewart and Keith Richards to serve as two of his best men -- along with one of his sons -- at his upcoming wedding to Sally Humphreys next year. A source close to the couple told London's Mirror: "Ronnie might be nervous when Rod makes the speech. They have been in a lot of scrapes over the years so he will have a lot of stories to tell!" Despite the fact that Wood and Humphreys have only been dating for six months, the couple has known each other for a decade. The marriage will mark Wood's third trip down the aisle.
Another unnamed source told Britain's Sunday People: "Ronnie wants a New Year's Day wedding. They are looking at the early days of January for what is available. He wants to start 2013 with a big party. Sally would be happy with a few close friends and family. Ronnie would love to invite everyone so they are going to have to meet somewhere in the middle. He loves a party. People are joking he'll have 3,000 guests and she'll have six. Sally won't want a lot of fuss. She is hoping to wear a vintage 1950's dress with sentimental value."
Ron Wood's relationship with Keith Richards is in many ways more intense than his relationship with Mick Jagger. Wood chronicled the ups and downs of "life with Keith" in his own recent autobiography called Ronnie. Wood was asked to describe the status of their current relationship: "It's just gone through its changes over the years. We're like chameleons, we can adapt to any situation and still remain very close and see the reality of things."
Despite not releasing any of the material, Rod Stewart and Ron Wood have been recording intermittently together over the years -- and at one point reportedly had plans to release the material under the title, You Strum, I'll Sing. Rod recalled an unnamed track he and Wood worked on earlier in the decade: "It was about the time I had the trouble with my voice and the thyroid cancer, and that was probably the first recording I'd made, y'know? I was struggling at the time. But somehow, y'know, he's not the greatest singer in the world and I was struggling, and the combination of us both struggling to get the notes, I think, some of it all works wonders."
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