John Lennon Sent Paul McCartney Beatles Bootleg For Christmas
Friday, October 26, 2012
John Lennon Sent Paul McCartney Beatles Bootleg For Christmas
Despite all their early-'70s feuding, John Lennon and Paul McCartney always remained proud of their Beatles past. In the new book, The John Lennon Letters, a Christmas 1971 present from Lennon to McCartney underscores the songwriters' bond. Lennon writes to McCartney and sends him a professionally duped copy of what he believes is the Beatles' unsuccessful January 1st, 1962 Decca Records audition.
The book's editor, writer Hunter Davies, states that seeing as how the Decca tapes didn't make the collector's circuit for another five years, Lennon might've actually sent McCartney a copy of an early Beatles bootleg, called Yellow Matter Custard, which featured various 1963 BBC radio recordings.
Lennon's note to McCartney reads:
Happy Xmas! (war is over if you want it...)
Dear Paul Linda et, al this is THE DECCA AUDITION!! I found the bootleg not the tape; they were a good group fancy turning this down.
John & Yoko
As the 1970's progressed, Lennon became an avid collector of Beatles bootlegs: "I buy all the pirate records, file 'em away -- I don't play 'em, y'know, (I) keep 'em. Stuff from Sweden and things like that where there was good live shows done."
McCartney biographer Christopher Sanford told us that throughout the '70s, Lennon and McCartney never missed an opportunity to pour over and analyze one another's solo albums thoroughly: "John always critiqued Paul's albums, either in public or between the two of them. And I found that one of the most poignant aspects of the whole '70s, y'know, relationship -- or non-relationship. They always deconstructed each other's records. They had to have the latest album immediately shipped to them from the other party. And they would often do these very minute sort of deconstructions of each track."
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