City of Cortland Considering Law to Allow Ice Cream Trucks
Thursday, January 23, 2014
City of Cortland Considering Law to Allow Ice Cream Trucks
The Cortland City Council is considering amending the City charter to allow for mobile ice cream vendors, but the Council is stopping short of permitting mobile food vending trucks.

4th ward Alderman John Bennett has brought forward a local law that if approved would allow ice cream trucks to be permitted to operate within the city.
The issue came to light last spring when local business owner Ray Oliver attempted to start a mobile ice cream vending business for his daughter.
Oliver spent about $10 thousand dollars getting the business off the ground, he applied for and received  the proper permits from the city. Oliver opened up  for about two weeks last year. He said he did a large volume of business at the Corn Ducky Derby , shortly after he was approached by the City Code Office who informed him that his permits were issued in error and he was forced to close down leaving him with melted icecream and a cold response  from the city.
The current city code does not allow for mobile vending trucks, even though the city code does allow for mobile food push carts and outdoor hotdog concessions.
Mobile food trucks are a huge business, generating millions of dollars in economic activity in cities across the country.
Opponents of mobile food business say they undercut fixed based business owners who pay higher taxes which support the community. 
Bennett says he is hoping to fix the problem and update the City Charter, he says the proposed local law includes protections for established businesses.
The newsroom asked why the city is not including mobile food vending in the local law, Bennett said if the law is passed it may need to be revised again in the future, he said this is the first step.
The law requires a public hearing, hat hearing is planned for February 4th, depending on public response the Council could pass it or make changes and hold another public 
The City of Atlanta has passed an ordinance requiring food trucks to stay 1500 feet from a business selling similar products.
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